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Emergency Lighting & Signs

      Emergency Lighting

      Escape Route Markings

      Fire Exit Signs

      Non-Emergency Lighting

      Safety Posters

      Safety Signs

      Self-Testing Lighting

      Slave Lights & Signs

      Spares & Accessories

Evacuation Equipment

      Escape Hammers

      Escape Hoods and Masks

      Evacuation Chairs

      Evacuation Device Guide

      Fall Arrest Equipment

      Fire Escape Ladders

      Sheets and Sledges

      Site Alarms

      Specialist Evacuation

Extinguishers & Equipment

      Extinguisher Spares

      Extinguisher Stands

      Extinguisher Trolleys

      Fire Equipment

      Fire Extinguisher Signs

      Servicing Tools

Fire Doors & Accessories

      Fire Door Closers

      Fire Door Retainers

      Fire Door Seals

      Fire Door Signs

Fire Exit Equipment

      Access Control Devices

      Emergency Push Pads

      External Outside Access Devices

      Fire Exit Door Security

      Fire Exit Door Signs

      Fire Exit Marking

      Key Boxes

      Panic Bars

Fireproof Safes & Storage

      Document Protection

      Fireproof Boxes

      Fireproof Safes

      Key Safes and Storage

      Security Safes

First Aid & Defibrillators

      Accessories & Refills

      Biohazard Kits

      Burn Kits

      Catering Kits

      Defibrillators (AEDs)

      First Aid Kits

      First Aid Storage

Health & Safety Products

      Janitorial Supplies

      Signs and Documentations


      Capacity vs Cost Comparison

      Discontinued Products

Passive Fire Protection

      Anti-Arson Mailboxes

      Electrical Protection

      Fire Door Protection

      Fire Retardant Sprays

      Intumescent Grilles

      Intumescent Letter Plates

      Intumescent Sealants

      Penetration Protection

      Welding Drapes

Smoke, Fire & Gas Detection

      Call Point Covers

      Carbon Monoxide Alarms

      Fire Alarm Systems

      Gas Detectors

      Site Fire Alarms

      Smoke Alarms

      Testing Equipment

      Vandal Protection


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1) In-Key Emergency Break Glass Cabinet wit


2) Evac+Chair Dust Cover


3) Calabor - 8W Slave Recessed Exit Sign, S


4) Extinguisher sign - Rigid Plastic - Dry


5) Deedlock Keypad Kit with Mag Lock



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Dalby Bulkhead 8W 230V Slave Luminaire


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